I HATE braggarts!

But after doing over 7-figures with my FB Ads Client Consulting Agency Dynamik 365, and training literally hundreds of four-five & six figure students over the last couple years, like the ones you see below:

I've learned quite a few things....

So let me ask you a SCARY question about Facebook ads that are actually quite common.

Are You AFRAID Of Doing Advanced Level
FB Ads Because You Feel Like Any Of These?

  • You are afraid to run FB ads for clients, because you are new to it and don’t have the experience you’d like
  • You don't know how to use the complicated Ads Manager (it’s not really that complicated when I break it down for you)
  • You don't really know what’s involved in building a funnel, from the ad to the landing page and call to action
  • You don't feel confident enough to SELL yourself or your services.

If You Are Nervous About FB Ads For Any Reason,

I Want To Introduce You To
The 5 CLIENT Challenge!

Your COPY & PASTE Solution To Get You Started
On Landing Multiple New Clients For YOURSELF

Without having to be an expert at sales!

But the 5 Client Challenge will also train you on how to get your new clients IMMEDIATE & IMPACTFUL results in as little as 24 hours using my copy and paste FUNNELS that I personally built for my own students and clients!

And by the way YES...I did say COPY AND PASTE!

So What Exactly Will You Be Copying And Pasting?

My PERSONAL and most profitable funnels that I've used to make well over 7 figures with my own client consulting company.

These funnels work in any niche, and work every time so that when you DO land yourself those new clients, there will be no question in your mind on how to get them immediate results and happily handing over their monthly retainer to keep you on board with them.

Like I said, I don't like braggarts, so how am I so sure YOU will achieve success with my funnels?

Because these people did too...and their situation wasn’t really much different than yours probably is.

So what do you think those 3 people and all my other students have in common, other than being successful with Facebook Lead Generation campaigns?

Well the answer is that they copied and pasted the funnels that I wrote for them!

Pretty simple right?

And that's just where the 5 Client Challenge BEGINS....not ends.

This keeps getting better…

You Are Also Going To Get Access To My 5 Client Challenge Advanced Video Training Library Where I Personally Am Going To Train You On More Advanced Level FB Ad Strategies!

Inside this video library, you’ll learn advanced strategies such as:

How to master the FB Ads Manager. Trust me it's not that complicated, I'll break it down for you

How facebook ads auctions work and why you should be running these. These will INSERT BENEFIT...

I'm going to train you on exactly how to build targeted audience with the Facebook audience builder so when you run ads, the people you are targeting LISTEN and ENGAGE with your ads.

I'm even going to give you 6 new strategies to land MORE facebook ads clients than you've ever dreamed.

So Really With The 5 Client Challenge
You Are Getting 2 Things That Will Propel
Your Business To The Next Level!

An exact recipe to follow

To make 100% sure you are landing new clients yourself, and then getting them immediate and demanding RESULTS.

This is going to give you BREATHING room and take away any initial stress about messing things up when you are new to facebook ads.

An advanced video training library...

By ME, to teach you to master the art of Facebook Ads so that you will continue to sharpen your skills as you acquire new clients!

What About Bonuses That You Can’t
Get Anywhere Else? Of Course!!!



Our Luxury Sweepstakes Funnel ($997 value)

YES! We Are Giving You Our Custom “Two Tier Sweepstakes” Facebook Ad Funnel As Part of the 5 Client Challenge!


Over The Shoulder Video Case Studies ($597 value)

Actual Client Case Study Recordings….

So you can watch how Dino runs Facebook ads for real businesses!


Private 5CC FB Mastermind Group ($597 value)

Join all the other 5 Client Challengers in a private community, where you’ll be able to share in strategies, tips and tricks to propel your business to new heights!


GoMobile Sales Training Bootcamp Tickets ($297)

The GoMobile Bootcamp is an Exclusive On-Site 2-Day Marketing Intensive that helps Digital Agencies Scale Their Business By Giving Them The Exact Strategies Used By Some Of The Top Digital Service Agencies In The World.

So Here's My
DOUBLE Your Investment

If you pick up the 5 Client Challenge today, and don't at least DOUBLE your investment in the first 30 days, we'll give you a full refund!

Now of course, you do have to prove to us that you at least tried right! And I'll will be there to help you along the way along with HUNDREDS of other students who are already doing this successfully just like you are about to be!

Ok, How Much Is The 5 Client Challenge
& All These Bonuses Going To Cost Me?

3 Easy Payments Of $117

PixelScout Evergreen | 5 Client Challenge

1 Easy Payment Of $297

PixelScout Evergreen | 5 Client Challenge

Remember That Landing JUST ONE Client At $500/Month You Will Pay For EVERYTHING You Just Purchased Today INCLUDING This Offer!!

All that stands between you and
profitable new clients in the next week or two is the buy button below!


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