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This Is An Extremely Powerful, Tested & Proven System &
It’s Already Creating Life Changing Results For Our Early Beta Testers!

There Is A Massive


Happening On Facebook RIGHT NOW!

A recent study found that 97% of all local businesses with a website are not running Facebook ads… we know this because they don’t have the Facebook Pixel installed on their website.

Local business owners are still not aware of the affordability and opportunity to reach new customers with simple Facebook ads.

They are wasting thousands of dollars each month on direct mailers, TV- and radio ads with no way to track results.

They are not doing any form of retargeting or Facebook advertising and they are losing our big time due to not following up with the visitors their website is already getting.

These local businesses need to use Facebook retargeting... and they are out there waiting, desperately needing a hero like you to show them how.

Showing them how to do this is going to be the biggest opportunity of 2019!

Here’s How You Can Start Cashing In Today!

This makes it very easy for you to sell Facebook ads and retargeting services to all these local businesses, all around the world.

hey will quickly understand the concept and since you will be able to bring them instant results, usually within 24 hours, they will be happy to keep paying you month after month.

Simply start with proven to convert retargeting ads for your clients and instantly bring a flush of new customers to their business.

We all know retargeting ads are one of the most powerful marketing techniques online.

You get to be the hero be utilizing the client’s web traffic already interested in their service & simply re-engaging that traffic to purchase.

And it’s very easy to do, even if you’ve never used Facebook ads or pixels before!

Selling FB Services To Clients Is Actually Quite Easy. Why?

  • Because It’s Affordable. You get your new clients leads for less than $1
  • Because It’s Fast! You can get your new clients results in 24 hours!
  • Because It’s Measureable. You can help your clients track ad cost vs your new client revenue!

Fulfilling Your Clients With Winning Results Is Simple Too!?

  • No Special Targeting Is Required! Even if you’ve never used the FB Ads Manager before, we’ll show you how!
  • No special offer required You can get your new clients results in 24 hours!
  • You can get your new clients results in 24 hours!No special funnel required

Just follow our cheat sheets & short training video to have
your first campaign live instantly - no experience needed!

This Is A Massive Market With Untapped Potential &
We Have Barely Scratched The Surface!

FACT #1:

There are 28 million small businesses in the US alone

FACT #2:

Over 500,000 new businesses open up very single month

FACT #3:

The number one problem they all face is finding new customers.

That’s just in the US… if you look worldwide the number of small businesses and the income potential reaches astronomical numbers.

Checkout The Local Biz Types
That Will Pay You To Setup FB Ads

There is only one problem….

Finding These New Clients Is The
In Our Process!

The process worked, but it was slow!

  • First, we had to visit websites one by one to check for the FB Pixel
  • Next. if they didn’t have a Pixel Installed, next we’d have to find their contact info on their website.
  • Finally, once we found the contact info, we’d have to start creating a big ole spreadsheet with the clients website, contact info, and keep track of who we had already contacted, and who we had not!

It Does Work...
But It’s Painfully Slow

Don’t Worry - We Have Sped Things Up…!

With A Brand New System That
Does Almost All The Work For You!

We wanted find a better way. Something that would streamline the whole process, both for ourselves and for our students.

So we set out to create and test a system that would:

Automate finding clients and their contact details

Completely eliminate the need for cold calling and direct selling

Not waste your time on rejection and uninterested clients.

And where delivering your service would be super easy and extremely profitable!

After many months of coding and even more with testing, both by ourselves and our students… We’re extremely proud to be able to show you this:


Pixel Scout is the world’s first and only “Done For You” Local Marketing system, that completely automates getting clients, eliminates cold calling and hard selling - while allowing you to easily bank $500+ per month per client for easy work you can complete in minutes!

Here’s Exactly How
Pixel Scout Works In
3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Enter the keyword and the area for businesses you want to target.

Pixel Scout will then scan local businesses, in any niche and country, looking for a Facebook Pixel.

Within minutes you’ll have a full list of your best prospects, including their contact info.

Step 2

Click a single button to automatically generate an interactive and personalized report for those businesses.

The report will do all the selling for you and you only ever have to interact with people who contact you, because they want what you are offering!

Step 3

Follow our step-by-step instructions to set up their Facebook Pixel & run simple retargeting ads for them.

Easily charge each client $500+ per month. Keep them happy with instant measurable results and watch them come back to order more and more from you!

It’s Never Been Easier To Land New Clients & Get Paid!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Instant Access To Today &
How It Will Instantly Benefit You & Your Bank Account

Our custom search engine will let you scour Google for local businesses in any niche or location.

It will instantly analyze the businesses it finds, lletting you know if they are missing the FB Pixel… and even give you all their contact details.

This will save you a lot of time and lets you avoid the boring research, so you can spend your time on stuff that actually makes money!

With just a single click you will generate an interactive report, personalized to each business.

Simply email this to them and it will take care of all the selling and completely eliminate the need to cold call and sell.

Trust us… Nothing brings more motivation and positive energy to your business than not having to deal with rejection!

Use our “fill in the blank” email templates to close the deal with the businesses who reply to you!

You’ll only ever have to deal with people who already want what you have to offer.

And the templates will close the deal fast without you having to waste time on tire kickers.

Our step by step training will allow you to easily fulfill your services by showing you exactly how to install the Facebook Pixel and set up simple retargeting ads.

Bank and easy $500+ per month per client for “work” that only takes a few minutes to complete!

And watch you many happy clients come back again and again to add more and more expensive services to their monthly bill!

This Will Work For Everyone!

It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’ve Just Discovered
Email Or If You’re Running A Local Marketing Empire!

But I’m a complete newbie…

Great! …Following a proven system like Pixel Scout will allow you to cut months… even years off your learning curve.

It will have you finding and earning your first clients a lot faster than the rest of us poor souls, who had to do it the old fashioned hard way.


I have a few clients…

Congratulations! you are well on your way! But in our experience what you need in order to take it to the next level is focus and consistency.

That is exactly what Pixel Scout offers – a laser targeted, easy to replicate way of quickly getting more paying clients… and earning a lot more money from them with minimal effort per client!

I’m running a local marketing empire…

Awesome! then you are very likely extremely busy and looking for ways to simplify and scale up your business… and that’s exactly what Pixel Scout can do.

Instantly slash your client acquisition cost to a minimum and let you team find clients, close deals and do the simple work for you!

Pixel Scout Is The Perfect
Software Solution For:

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It Though!

Listen To What Others Have To Say About
This Game Changing System…


We Want To Be 100% Honest With You!

You Could Perhaps Do All Of This On Your Own…

You could always choose to do this the old fashioned hard way… manually searching for businesses, checking their sites, finding their contact details and then proceed to start cold calling.

It does work, it just takes a lot of time… if you even keep at it, because the amount of rejections can be soul crushing to even the most motivated marketers.

Why spend your life on a wild goose chase though?

Ask yourself this: doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of this offer today and invest in a proven system that is virtually guaranteed to effortlessly land you your first $500+ paying client fast?

Obviously we could charge big bucks for a proven system that works.

Obviously we could charge big bucks for a proven system that works.

Don’t worry though…

We’re going to save you a lot of time and money today!

But before we reveal how little we’re asking for this unique & proven solution for netting unlimited paying clients on demand.

We want to let you know that we are on your side and that we are 100% committed to helping you become successful.

We want to give you everything you need.

In fact, we’re even going to sweeten the deal and make this a complete no-brainer for you.

So if you secure access to Pixel Scout today, you’ll also get some amazing bonuses, completely free...

But Wait, There’s More

We want to make sure you have everything you need in order to succeed so we’re including these amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1

Facebook Advertising Mini Course

Sign up to Pixel Scout today & we’ll include a FREE Facebook advertising mini course that shows you how to:

  •  Setup a client’s Facebook advertising account
  •  Install the Facebook Pixel on a client’s website
  •  Launch a profitable retargeting ad campaign for your clients

Valued at: $397

Bonus #2

Highest Converting Email Templates

Sign up to Pixel Scout today & we’ll include (3) of our highest performing outreach email templates so you can:

  •  Quickly choose an email template that is proven to get client’s interested in your services
  •  Launch an outreach campaign in 60 seconds
  •  Engage local businesses who need your services

Valued at: $397

Bonus #3

VIP Facebook Group

Sign up to Pixel Scout today & we’ll include access to our VIP mastermind group so you can:

  •  Get access to myself (Dino Gomez) and other 6 & 7 figure marketers
  •  Get help on your advertising campaigns
  •  Network & develop business partnerships

Valued at: $397

You Will Also Receive Automatic Enrollment Into Our Advanced PixelScout Training Webinar Series Happening On April 17th, 2019

That’s Over $1,000 Worth Of Bonuses
For Free When You Join Pixel Scout Today!

After you have seen everything inside Pixel Scout and the awesome bonuses we have included, you’re probably thinking that we’ve thought of everything.

But we’ve got one more thing to tell you about… and it’s going to make your decision an easy one:

We Want To Remove All Risk For You!

That’s Why We’re Including Our Iron-Clad, 30-Day,
“No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, we’ve saved the best bit for last and…

The best thing is... We’re covering you with an amazing guarantee:

You can secure your access to Pixel Scout today, use it for the next 30 days and if for some reason (or no reason at all), you don't think it’s going to work for you... fine, just reach out to our friendly dedicated support team and let us know within 30 days and we'll refund you in full… No questions asked!

We’ll be happy that you gave Pixel Scout a try and we’ll part as friends – that’s our promise to you!

We don’t even care if you use Pixel Scout to secure multiple clients and thousands of dollars in orders. Whatever you make with Pixel Scout and the clients you sign, are yours to keep no matter what you decide!

Guarantees like that don't come along every day...

Neither do opportunities like this..

Neither do opportunities like this...

So we need to talk about price.


Before I Tell You How Little You Need To Invest To
Get Your Hands On This Amazing System Today...

Let’s Recap Exactly What You’re Getting Inside:

  • Scan 1000’s of sites that need FB Retargeting in Minutes (Identify your best clients instantly)
  • Automated & Interactive Report for all websites (Don’t waste time creating custom reports)
  • Proven Outreach Email Templates (pre-loaded into your account, just click & select your template, then send)
  • Cloud-Based Software (nothing to download & works on all browsers)
  • Gmail, Outlook, & SMTP integration (send emails from inside Pixel Scout)
  • Global Search Functionality (works in any country)
  • Facebook Retargeting Ads Training (Simple step by step training on how to become a Facebook retargeting ads expert overnight)

And Don’t Forget The Fast Action Bonuses...

The Facebook Advertising Mini Course

Our Highest Converting Email Templates

Access To Our VIP Facebook Group

Advanced Pixel Scout Training Webinar Series

...Or Your 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

We Do Have To Warn You
- There Is One Small Catch…

It is however a very real catch on securing your access to Pixel Scout.

The low introductory price you see on this page will only be available for a very limited time!

Running all these searches and business analysis will take its toll on even the biggest servers… not to mention generating the interactive and personalized reports on the fly.

It was always our plan to offer Pixel Scout on a monthly recurring plan and at a much higher price. That is most likely what will happen at the end of the special early bird period.

At the same time the low price you see here is the cheapest you will ever find, we WILL be increasing the price tag on Pixel Scout very soon!

This is not a gimmick! In order to protect our own investment and the profit pulling potential for the fast action takers... and to make sure our servers can keep up with demand…

The price will go up & we might move to a monthly recurring plan very soon!

If you leave this page now and come back later, we can not guarantee that you can still get in at this introductory price!

Here’s The Deal...

With everything we have included here today, we ought to slap a hefty price tag on this.

After all, what is the value of a system that has been proven to generate $500+ paying clients on demand?

You’d probably expect this to be on some sort of expensive monthly subscription… that would certainly be the norm.

However, we have chosen to go in a different direction.

You see…

We know the incredible power and potential of this system… so we are only interested in working with serious people.

Look at the low investment below as your own personal commitment to succeeding with Pixel Scout and local marketing and more importantly as an investment into your own wealth and success!

That said we have no interest in boxing you into a situation where you have to do a certain amount of work or sign up a certain amount of clients in order to make this work

We want you to be in profit the second you get your first client and we want you to be able to do this at your own pace!

That’s why we have come up with the credit based system you see below.

On average or students sign up a new client for every 50 reports they email and many do even better.

The only question is:

“How many $500+ clients do you want to sign up this month?”

Lets do a simple calculation for PixelScout!

How much $$$ do you want to make Per Month?


How much $$$ do you want to charge your New Clients?


You will need the following numbers:

2 New Client(s)

140 Contact this many Business Owner(s)

280 Scan this many Website(s)

28 Credits

Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you are at all serious about becoming a successful local marketer… about saving money and making your life a whole lot easier...

Then there is only one thing left to do…

Take action today and invest in your future financial independence. Secure your place in the elite local marketer's club and don't let someone else take your place!

Click Below To Secure Instant Access To Pixel Scout

Before The Price Goes Up!

  • Pixel Check By Keyword
  • Pixel Check By URL
  • Contact Manager
PixelScout Evergreen | Software & Credits
  • Pixel Check By Keyword
  • Pixel Check By URL
  • Contact Manager
  • Email Templates
  • Find Contact Email
  • Find Contact Page
  • Find FB Page
PixelScout Evergreen | Software & Credits
  • Pixel Check By Keyword
  • Pixel Check By URL
  • Contact Manager
PixelScout Evergreen | Software & Credits

1 Credit = Approx 10 Results Per Search

Each Credit You Spend Will Search 1 Page Of Google

2 Credits Scans First TWO Pages Of Google

5 Credits Scans First FIVE Pages Of Google

10 Credits Scans First TEN Pages Of Google

Thank you, we really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to read this letter and hear our story on how we finally cracked the local marketing code.

Taking action today is your first step to doing the same and we're very much looking forward to reading the Facebook post with your success story.

P.S. Right now you're at a fork in the road - you can either carry on as you are - wake up tomorrow in the same place - struggling to make anything at all with local marketing. Or you can take action and invest in yourself and change your life for the better - nothing is going to change unless you do! So trust your gut and click on the buy button now.


P.P.S Remember that this is a time limited special offer. If you close this page and try to come back later, we can not guarantee that this offer will still be here and definitely not at the same price. With our guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the buy button now and get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

A. No! You only have to pay the one time for this software!

A. Yes!

A. Yes!

A. No! The client always foots the ad budget.

A. As far as we know, there is no other tool on the market that can help you find websites in bulk that do not have a FB Pixel on them! But when you combine this with our contact manager we are truly a unique software!

A. There is no way for us to know as we don’t know what you are going to do with the tool once you have it. However we have had other members making their first deals within 24 hours!

A. We offer a few different credit subscription packages inside your members area and they are actually less expensive than what you’ll pay for your initial credits that come with your software purchase!

A. Not these ones! The initial credits you purchase will never expire. However if you opt to purchase one of our credit subscriptions mentioned above, they do expire and refill monthly. But that’s why they are so dang cheap!

A. Just click the buy button and your account and credits will be created immediately and you’ll be able to login and start today!